Padlet to Brainstorm our Rules

I'm about three weeks into my first year as a Technology Integration Specialist and I think I'm beginning to feel a bit more settled into the new position. One of the first things I wanted to do with the kids was to have them help me brainstorm rules for the computer lab and rules for using iPads. I had the Kindergarteners and First Graders help me brainstorm rules for the lab and the Second Graders helped with rules for the iPads. All of these suggestions were collected onto a Padlet wall organized by class. The Kindergarten students video taped themselves saying a rule. Here is an example, click on the videos to view them.

The First Grade students worked in partnerships and typed their rules:

The Second Grade Students worked individually and could type as many rules as they could think of:

I'm going to compile a list of rules based on these and they will be the rules for the computer lab and our school's iPad rules for the year!