I Confess!

Typhoon Soulik is approaching Taiwan and we've all been advised to stay indoors, so what better way to pass the time than to begin the #kinderblog13 challenge! This week's assignment: CONFESS. When I first saw the assignment I was a bit stumped and almost thought that I wouldn't be able to join in this week. Then last night, as I took a walk around my new neighborhood, it occurred to me that there are perhaps a couple secrets I keep... ...let's begin!

1. I love my tiara a little too much

For those of you that have worked with me, you probably already know I have a 'Don't talk to me' tiara, that I use when I need to work with a small group or with a child one-on-one. Of course, I don't introduce the tiara to my kids as a 'Don't talk to me' tiara, but go through the process of explaining why I need to wear it, what methods the kids can use to solve problems they may have independently during this time, and what type of things are important or serious enough that they can come an talk to me when I have the tiara on.

What's my confession? Naturally, the little girls in my class will say I look like a princess when I have it on or even begin calling me "Princess Ms. Pana". I have been known to respond to this name and even tell the kids that they may call me that if they wish! Okay, so maybe we even take it into free center time occasionally where I join the kids in the role play corner as the princess and the children are serving me food and brushing my hair. C'mon, who doesn't like being treated like a princess now and then???

2. Perhaps I'm not as focused as I tell my kids I am

This past school year I started using calm.com after the kids came back from recess to help calm them down and refocus them. I have begun to grow an interest in seeing how mindfulness and meditation can help within education and thus, started having this "relaxing and concentrating" session with my kids. I have to say I was very impressed by how well they learned to sit still and concentrate on their breathing. To read more about how I use this site in my class click here.

For someone who believes in the benefits of teaching children to self-discipline through this very basic form of meditation, I must confess that I don't actually personally meditate! Oops. Perhaps I should get on top of that and start using calm.com at home.

3. I am a sugar addict

This comes as no surprise to people who know me, I've been told by several people that I put so much junk into my body. And guess what? I'm like any other kindergarten teacher who preaches SUGAR IS BAD to her students. In fact, I have a strict 'no candy' rule in my class, if any of the children come into school with candy in their snack/lunch boxes they aren't allowed to have it and I send it back home with them.

For someone who loves candy, I think I do a pretty good job of only eating my yogurt, fruits and home cooked lunches in front of my kids. HOWEVER, if you open a locked drawer in my desk, you may find some sweet treats that I quickly pop into my mouth when the kids aren't around. Shhh...don't tell the kids!

4. I'm the biggest cry-baby in the class

I get sentimental pretty easily, and although I'm supposed to keep it professional, I fall in love with my students every year! Ask anyone who saw me on the last day of school, I was the only one crying as my kids waved goodbye with big smiles on their faces! We are always teaching our kids about becoming braver, stronger, that some things are 'no big deal' and there isn't a need for tears. Honestly though, it's pretty easy to make me cry...hehe. So far I've succeeded pretty well on not bursting into tears in class, except on the last day of school!

5. We're not 'supposed' to have favorites

If any teacher claims to not have favorites they are LYING! The truth behind it though is that as the year goes by the kids end up taking turns being your favorite and by the time the year is almost done, you do love them all for their unique and individual qualities. I will admit to one thing though, it's the ones that drive me the most insane that seem to find their way into my heart the quickest. Why is that?!

So, although we all try to keep a perfect image in front of our students, I think we all have a few secrets we keep from them. I can't be the only one, can I????