100th Day of School Celebration!

If you haven't already celebrated the 100th day of school with your kids, you're probably going to very soon! Can you believe how fast the school year is going? Here are a few things I did this year to celebrate our 100th day of Kindergarten! Thanks to my lovely assistant, we were able to convert the door of our classroom into the number 100. I got this idea off of Pinterest. Don't you just love that site?!

Leading up to our 100th day, I left these out in centers so the kids could help to draw 100 pictures and mix paints into 100 colors.

All the students brought 100 pieces of some sort of dry food to create a snack mix we all shared at snack time.

They also brought 100 small objects they could stick onto a collage. The children took 10 of each object to create a 100 object collage (understanding that 10 groups of 10 makes 100). They also had to constantly check if they needed to go and get another group of ten by counting in tens! It was great practice!

Finally, we all created collages of ourselves at 100 years old! We watched this video first to see how people aged and made observations about how our features changed:

Just for fun, we also all used the app Oldify to age ourselves! It was a bit scary, especially how the app can animate images to yawn, grunt or even burp! Here are the still images of my class after being oldified.

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