Understanding 'Change'

As a part of our Social Studies unit, one of the concepts that the children were learning about was 'change'. In order to learn more about this concept, I had the children choose something that they wanted to investigate and make a prediction about how they thought it would change over 5 days. Some chose trees, some chose friends, others chose parts of the classroom. The important idea was that they had to believe that it would change somehow over the course of 5 days. We first documented this into little booklets by asking a question and making a prediction. here are two examples:

Once we did that, the children took a picture of the same thing each day for five days. They inserted these pictures into Doodlecast Pro and recorded their observations of how that thing changed. Finally, they wrote their conclusion on the back of the booklet. Here are examples of the recordings and conclusions:

What was important during this process was that the children made observations, drew conclusions and came up with what I like to call 'big understandings' from their research.  It was also important for the children to understand that if they have a question, they are capable of finding out the answers to those questions independently.

I attached QR codes to the front of the booklets so that they would be linked to the Doodlecast they created.

Here is the booklet if you would like to download it and use it as well :)

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